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Ruth Bush is your

Benefits Architect

If you want to improve your benefits package and save money, the 320 Firm has creative solutions that will excite your employees and improve your bottom line.

  • Learn about how a cafeteria plan can help businesses, even if they’re not required to offer benefits because of company size.
  • Did you know that if you have just three employees or contract laborers, you are eligible for group rates? Benefits groups of three or more include access to short-term disability policies and other voluntary worksite benefits that are far more affordable than traditional health insurance plans.
  • Learn how to offer benefits without paying a penny towards the plan.
  • Create excitement with your staff by making benefits available to them.
  • Attract and retain the kind of employees you want to build your business around by implementing or enhancing benefits in the workplace.
  • We let you provide your employees with outstanding benefits without costing you a penny.

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