Life Insurance

Flexible solutions for a better Tomorrow. Offer TransEliteā„  universal life insurance to help provide financial protection for employees.

Employers can attract and keep employees with great benefits.

Offering universal life insurance to employees is a great supplement to term life insurance because it helps protect for an entire lifetime, not just while they are part of the workforce. It’s an enticing added feature to help round out a robust benefits package that helps recruit and retain great people.

TransEliteā„  helps give employees peace of mind and allows flexibility as they go through every life stage from getting married to retiring. The policy allows them to adjust the death benefit amount at any time to meet changing personal financial situations and builds interest-earning cash value the insured can access if needed.

Employer groups 50 lives or less = $50,000 GI

Employer groups 50 lives or more = $100,000 GI


Companies choose to make the 320 Firm’s policies available to increase benefits options without impacting their bottom line.

Flexible Employer Paid Amounts Per Employee!

*Rates for some policies are age banded. These figures represent the average rates based on a 35-40-year-old. Actual rates may different slightly based on the age of each individual.*