Identity Theft Protection

Help protect your employees. And your bottom line.

Take a stand with Fraud Protection, powered by EZShield®.

At the 320 Firm, we know peace of mind is important to you and your employees. But identity theft and fraud are a real problem. In fact, each case of identity theft takes an average of 25 hours to resolve. That hurts employee morale and productivity, as well as your profitability.

There’s a vast amount of personally identifiable information shared online and exposed in data breaches. That’s why it’s more critical than ever to help ease your employees’ concerns about their personal and financial information.

Fraud is a real concern. But now there’s a real solution … so your employees can focus on what really matters. Give your employees access to Fraud Protection, powered by EZShield®, today.


U.S. consumers affected by identity theft each day.

25 hours

Average time spent to resolve identity theft.

Help ease your employees’ concerns about identity theft. Contact the 320 Firm today!