Hospital Illness Insurance

26% of U.S. adults (18-64) say someone in their household had problems or inability to pay medical bills in the past year.

A trip to the hospital can be a little intimidating. And while we can’t take all the uncertainty out of the stay.

The 320 Firm’s hospital insurance can help your employees be better prepared for unexpected hospital expenses not covered by their major medical coverage.



Guaranteed-issue is available for several products, which means no underwriting questions for your employees.

May not be available in all states.


Customizable benefit options designed to meet your employees’ unique lifestyle and needs.

One Day PAY

Protect your employees with cash to cover their bills in the event of sickness or injury. And now they can get their claims paid the next day.

Companies choose to make the 320 Firm’s policies available to increase benefits options without impacting their bottom line.

Under $25 per month per employee!

*Rates for some policies are age banded. These figures represent the average rates based on a 35-40-year-old. Actual rates may different slightly based on the age of each individual.*